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A mental state of depressed mood that is characterized by feelings of sadness, despair and discouragement. Depression ranges from normal feelings of the blues through chronic depression (dysthymia) to major depression. In many ways, it resembles the grief and mourning that follow bereavement including feelings of low self esteem, guilt and self reproach, withdrawal from interpersonal contact and physical symptoms such as eating and sleep disturbances.

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Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center - Anxiety Disorder TreatmentsAATC provides help for all anxiety disorders including; obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, simple phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. When indicated, treatment may include spouses and and other family members in addition to individual sessions. Because many anxiety disorders originate during childhood, a separate program for the treatment of children was established in 1991. Finally, group treatment is often available for selected anxiety problems. AATC is dedicated to trying to help those suffering from anxiety not only through therapy, but through education and community service. Our staff members regularly present our work at national scientific conferences and local presentations in an effort to train and educate other clinicians and the lay public. Because of our commitment to the community of those suffering from anxiety, we offer two free support groups, one for obsessive compulsive disorder and the other for panic disorder. For those who may not be able to afford therapy, lower cost therapy is available through our interns. Our interns are doctoral students in clinical psychology who are trained and supervised by AATC staff. They have come from Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr and La Salle.MontgomeryThe Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center - Montgomery; Bala CynwydAnxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center
Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital - Adolescent ServicesBrooke Glen Hospital´s acute adolescent unit offers comprehensive treatment for adolescents age 13 through 18 who suffer from mood and thought disorders. This may include depression/anxiety, impulse control, obsessive compulsive disorders, or a situational crisis. Brooke Glen also offers education and support for alcohol and drug addiction. At Brooke Glen Hospital, families and school districts are actively involved in the treatment program, enabling the child to successfully return to home and school settings. A master level special education teacher is available throughout the year and each child follows their own individualized program. Students attend school at Brooke Glen on a daily basis, according to the regular school calendar and are taught on their own level of ability. Program Services: Comprehensive Psychiatric and Physical Evaluations Medication Management and Education Individual Therapy with their doctor Group Therapy Creative /Expressive Therapy Family Therapy Aftercare Planning and Coordination In-House School Psychological Testing (as clinically indicated)MontgomeryBrooke Glen Behavioral Hospital - Montgomery; Fort WashingtonBrooke Glen Behavioral Hospital
Community Services Group - Adult Mental Health Services - ClintonFrom outpatient treatment to long-term residential care, our team supports you on your path to recovery. We offer individualized care for people with mild to severe mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and personality disorders. Mental Health Services include: Outpatient Treatment, psychiatric rehabilitation, peer support services, partial hospitalization services, residential programs, vocational services and case management.ClintonCommunity Services Group - Adult Services - ClintonCommunity Services Group
Daemion Counseling Center - Individual CounselingDesigned for individuals who are working toward understanding themselves more fully and creating positive change in their lives. Through individual counseling, people can talk confidentially with an objective professional to gain insight and find solutions for problems in their lives. Who Is It For? -People seeking personal growth and enrichment. -People dissatisfied with their life choices. -People suffering from depression and/or anxiety. -People dealing with loss and/or trauma. -People facing major life adjustments. What Is Involved? Individual counseling is designed to help people gain the tools necessary to make decisions that will enhance their lives. People suffering from conflict, depression, anxiety, or loneliness will learn to identify their feelings and explore ways to understand and deal with negative emotions. How Does Individual Counseling Work? -Discuss present problems or goals. -Determine past coping skills. -Learn tools and techniques for change. -Explore current life-style and feelings. -Assess personal resources. -Examine patterns of relating to others. -Develop necessary strategies to achieve goals. -Implement new behaviors, decisions, and choices. Chester*Main Site (Daemion Counseling Center)Daemion Counseling Center
Depression and Bipolar Support AlliancePatient-directed national organization provides scientifically based tools and information written in plain language about mood disorders. DBSA supports research to promote more timely diagnosis, develop more effective and tolerable treatments, and discover cures. The organization also works to ensure that people living with mood disorders are treated equitably. Depression and Bipolar Support AllianceDepression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression and Bipolar Support AllianceA support group for people with a chronic depressive illness and their families. Provides ongoing community education and individual/family advocacy. Meets at Bellefield Towers, 8th Floor Room 847, 100 North Bellefield Street.AlleghenyDepression and Bipolar Support AllianceUPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital
Depression and Bipolar Support Group - Pocono LakePeer support group, social activities and program speakers for depression/bipolar disorder consumers and their family and friends. Meets at Pocono Lake United Methodist Church on the second Thursday on the month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. MonroeDepression and Bipolar Support AllianceDepression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression and Bipolar Support Group - Pocono MountainPeer support group, social activities and program speakers for depression/bipolar disorder consumers and their family and friends.MonroeDepression and Bipolar Support AllianceDepression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression Awareness and Women's Needs Support Group (D.A.W.N.)Peer support for women over age 18 who are battling depression. Sharing of concerns, strengths and coping mechanisms. A professional diagnosis is not needed and educational materials are provided but the group does not provide therapy. Families and friends are also welcome. LancasterMental Health America of Lancaster County - Support GroupsMental Health America of Lancaster County
Depression Support Group - Finding Our WayPeer-led support group for men and women. Provides a safe environment to share feelings, challenges and triumphs. Family members and friends may join in.LancasterMental Health America of Lancaster County - Support GroupsMental Health America of Lancaster County
Erie County Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Behavioral Health ClinicIn addition to individual evidence-based therapy, group therapy, and medication management, the Behavioral Health Clinic offers programs to assist Veterans with crisis intervention, homelessness, employment, substance abuse, and more. Services are tailored for Veterans with any mental health needs including, but not limited to, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and psychosis.ErieErie County Veterans Affairs Medical CenterErie Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Hahnemann University Hospital - Child/Adolescent Behavioral TherapyServes children and adolescents with behavior problems such as: ADD/ADHD, depression, bedwetting, eating disorders.PhiladelphiaHahnemann University Hospital - Philadelphia; North Broad StreetHahnemann University Hospital
iFred.orgOnline resource for education, awareness, and mutual support for those who suffer from depression, their families and friends, and those who think they might suffer from depression. Interested members of the public can browse information, self-test for depression, help their friends and family understand, and join iNspire, an online community of those with similar struggles.PO Box 17598, Baltimore MD ( Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
Men's Depression Support GroupPeer support for men over age 18, or younger who are accompanied by a parent or adult, who are battling depression. Sharing of concerns, strengths and coping mechanisms. A professional diagnosis is not needed and educational materials are provided but the group does not provide therapy. Families and friends are also welcome. Support group for men battling depression. LancasterMental Health America of Lancaster County - Support GroupsMental Health America of Lancaster County
Mental Health ResearchFor all mental health-related questions, requests for copies of publications, and inquiries concerning NIMH research, policies, and priorities, please contact a health information specialist at the NIMH Information Resource Center.DauphinNational Institute Mental HealthNational Institute Mental Health
National Depression/Suicide HotlinesDepression/Crisis intervention hotline, Veteran peer support line, Spanish speaking suicide hotline, Teen peer support line, Grad student hotline and Post partum depression hotline.1250 24th Street NW, Suite 300, Washington DC (National Depression/Suicide Hotlines)Kristin Brooks Hope Center - National Hopeline Network
New Directions - Home VisitsHome Visits offers support for individuals experiencing mental illness. The program is designed to visit families of people with mental illness to explain the illness to the family.MontgomeryNew Directions - Montgomery; AbingtonNew Directions
New Directions - Mood Watch ProgramMood Watch Program is a 6-month goal-setting program that puts people to work or have them do volunteer work. The program is geared in particular for people with "unemployment inertia" or "unemployment depression." Mood Watch Program makes use of the important concept of "reality checking." This is a key therapeutic tool which ensures that each participant is maintaining objectivity about the outside world. Programs available include: - Setting Weekly Goals - Reporting on Established Goals (successes, hindrances) - Receiving Group Feedback and Suggestions - Receiving Insights into Performance - Obtaining Energy and Positive Feedback (to pursue further goals)MontgomeryPO Box 181 Hatboro PANew Directions
New Directions - Support GroupSupport Group is a gathering of individuals and families with bipolar disorder and depression to facilitate healing through camaraderie and storytelling. The program is designed to help individuals participate in society to the fullest through work, volunteerism and involvement in the community. Eligibility Criteria: - Must have a primary diagnosis of a mood disorder (depression or bipolar disorder) or be a family member or friend of an individual with a mood disorder - Must be under the care of a physician (preferably a psychiatrist) - Must not have an active substance abuse problemMontgomeryNew Directions - Montgomery; AbingtonNew Directions
Postpartum Stress Center - Self-Help ProgramWomen and families who struggle with anxiety and depression after the birth of the baby can feel out of control and helpless. We know that feeling vulnerable can make it difficult to ask for help. But we also know that reaching out for support can empower a family by providing information, understanding and tools for intervention. Psychotherapy for postpartum depression is a well established treatment, but for a number of women, it can be hard to attend weekly sessions. Additionally, some women hesitate to take medications while nursing or at all because of the side effects or because they would rather not be on medication for many personal reasons. When considering other treatments, families should remember that the evidence continues to support the efficacy of psychotherapy and/or antidepressant drug therapy for the treatment of postpartum depression. The use of alternative treatments however is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are readily accessible and generally well-tolerated. Again, we caution families not to rely on alternative therapies as the sole course of treatment for anything other than a mild depression. Alternative approaches are best used as adjuncts to methods such as therapy and/or medications in which effectiveness has been well documented. Some options include: - Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have been shown to offer health benefits to pregnant and nursing mothers. - Light therapy, often used for seasonal affective disorder, is another intervention that may be preferred by women who are interested in non-medical treatments. - Massage therapy, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques are wonderful ways to improve mood. - Exercise has been shown to reduce mild to moderate depression and anxiety. - Hypnotherapy, a longtime useful tool for childbirth preparation, can be an effective intervention for an agitated postpartum depression. Support groups can decrease the isolation and stigma that depressed mothers often feel and can provide an important outlet for self-expression and unconditional support.DelawarePostpartum Stress Center, LLC - Delaware;RosemontPostpartum Stress Center
Rose Tree Counseling Center - Individual TherapyIndividual therapy involves meeting with an individual client to help with the client's present concerns. Rose Tree's Individual Therapy program offers counseling in the following categories: - Depression - Low self esteem - Adult children of alcoholics - Anxiety and stress - Survivors of sexual abuse - Interpersonal difficultiesDelawareRose Tree Counseling Center - Montgomery; MediaRose Tree Counseling Center
Special Kids Network - Southeast - Information and Referral HelplineThe Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Special Kids Network provides free information and referral services through a statewide helpline dedicated to assisting families of children and youth with special needs. The Special Kids Network Helpline can connect you to local resources if you call our toll-free number, 1-800-986-4550, or visit the SKN Help in PA web site and searchable resource database, Children with special health care needs include children who are at increased risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions. This includes chronic conditions or illnesses such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADHD, depression, asthma, sickle cell anemia, autism and cystic fibrosis.Dauphin*Main Site (Special Kids Network)Special Kids Network - Southeastern Pennsylvania Region
Spring-Ford Counseling Services - Mental HealthIndividual, couple or family counseling.MontgomerySpring-Ford Counseling Services - Montgomery; RoyersfordSpring-Ford Counseling Services
Summit Behavioral Health- OutpatientAt Summit Behavioral Health, we offer a wide-variety of services and treatment options for anyone who is experiencing mental health and substance use challenges. We believe that the best chance of recovery is through supportive and individualized treatment. The following therapies and treatments are offered for children, adolescents & adults during day and evening hours: Couples Therapy Family Therapy Group Therapy Individual Therapy Medication Management Older Adult Services Play Therapy Trauma Therapy EMDR Treatment of Eating Disorders Diagnostic Evaluations Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Attachment issuesFranklinSummit Behavioral HealthSummit Health
Women's Behavioral Health Care of WPICHelps women who are experiencing postpartum depression. Counseling sessions, psychiatric care, and medications are provided as needed.AlleghenyWomen's Behavioral Health Care of WPICUPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital

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