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Physical Therapy

· 1170 Berkshire Boulevard, Wyomissing, PA, 19610 · Map

Physical Therapy evaluates and treats dysfunction of movement. A Physical Therapist can restore or improve physical and functional abilities. Physical Therapy can also provide care to prevent the onset or progression of a disease process or impairment. Additional programs or…


Tyrone Hospital Ultrasound Scanning

814-684-1255 · 187 Hospital Drive, Tyrone, Pennsylvania, 16686 · Map

Ultrasound technology is the “sonar” used in the medical field. It is a technique that sends sound waves into the human body and records the returning echoes as images of the body’s internal organs and fluids…


Windber Medical Center Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center Ultrasound Scanning

814-467-0044 · 600 Somerset Avenue, Windber, PA, 15963 · Map

Programs that utilize inaudible sound in the frequency range of approximately 20,000 to 10 billion cycles per second which are passed into the body, echo when they strike tissue and build a picture of the internal organs or a fetus…

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