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Erie County Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Behavioral Health Clinic

814-860-2038 · 135 East 38th Street, Erie, PA, 16504 · Map

In addition to individual evidence-based therapy, group therapy, and medication management, the Behavioral Health Clinic offers programs to assist Veterans with crisis intervention, homelessness, employment, substance abuse, and more. Services are tailored for Veterans with any mental health needs…


Kirkbride Center - Acute Psychiatric Inpatient

215-471-2600 · 111 North 49th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19139 · Map

Acute Psychiatric Inpatient services are designed for individuals who are experiencing high levels of psychiatric symptoms and need an inpatient level of care as a safe place to stabilize. Kirkbride Center’s psychiatric program utilizes continual assessments, group and individual participation,…


United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration - Coaching into Care

888-823-7458 · 810 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20420 · Map

the Veterans Health Administration's Coaching into Care provides a free and confidential coaching service to help callers discover new ways to support their Military Members with a goal of getting them into Mental Health treatment or learn of other resources…


Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Schizophrenia Treatment / Rehab

412-624-0481 · 3501 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213 · Map

Partial Hospital Program: a group program that provides services in a variety of areas including diagnosis; vocational, creative, and expressive arts; social skills training; and recreation therapy. Provides structure and support for patients with a chronic mental illness…

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